CamScanner MOD APK Premium Free Download (Licensed Unlocked)


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October 08, 2021

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CamScanner Mod Apk Info:

Unlocked Premium Subscription Service

1. OCR (Convert Image to TXT, Image to WORD & Image to EXCEL)
2. Batch download PDF files in the web app
3. Share secured document downlink with others
4. Add an extra 40 to the maximum number of collaborators
5. Add 10G cloud space
6. ID Mode Scan
7. Remove ads or watermarks
8. Collage of two separate documents
9. E-signature
10. Book Mode Scan

Use Vpn for Online Features if CamScanner Mod Apk is not available in Your Country

Instruction For Premium Root Version

Uninstall any previous version before install the new one!!!
1. Install Lucky Patcher and open it, wait for loading apps then close it;
2. Download and extract archive file;
3. Copy .txt file from archive to your sd card storage in this location:
/Android/data/ru.sxbuIDfx.pFSOyagrF/files/LuckyPatcher/*.txt <<< put .txt file here;
4. Install CamScanner.apk…don’t launch it yet!..on finish installation press Done!

5. Open Lucky Patcher and wait to load apps and exit it again;
6. Open Lucky Patcher and touch on the CamScanner app, options will show…don’t launch it yet!
7. Select Menu of Patches;
8. Select Custom patch;(you must have root device otherwise this option is not available)
9. Select custom patched from the list, choose my patch.
10. Now select Apply button;
Wait for a while and you’ll get a success green message!
Now Launch the app and check Premium features;
Enjoy! CamScanner Mod Apk

CamScanner Premium that many users use and appreciate in helping to scan many different types of documents with just simple operations.

CamScanner Mod Apk Latest Version Download

CamScanner Mod Apk – Scanning valuable documents may not be too strange for students. However, investing in a scanner to serve the needs is not something that everyone can do. Now, thanks to the advancements of technology, users can smoothly perform these operations thanks to the smartphone always nearby. One of these outstanding applications is CamScanner thanks to its exceptional features. Turn your phone into a Scanner with just CamScanner Mod Apk. No need to have a high level of information technology; anyone can be a professional scanner.

According to statistics, CamScanner Mod Apk is installed on more than 380 million devices in more than 200 countries around the world. The above figures have partly proved the popularity of this application when successfully fulfilling its role. With more than 500,000 new registrations each day, the application promises to explode shortly as more and more users. This application is on the list of the 50 best apps you should own on your phone.

CamScanner Premium Mod Apk Free Download

Documents after scanning often do not achieve good quality, making it difficult for users to later. Then with the use of image cropping algorithms and advanced algorithms, the application will give users a better view when it leads to more transparent images. This is definitely the best solution to scan documents on your phone. What’s more, the app allows you to scan, store, synchronize, and add different content on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

You find it difficult to scan a thick document set, and you quickly want to complete it. CamScanner Mod Apk will be a perfect choice for you as it saves users a significant amount of time. Do you have too many types of documents to scan? Do not worry because the application also allows you to scan and digitize all types of paper documents: receipts, notes, invoices, whiteboard discussions, business cards, certificates, etc. So users will feel satisfied when an application can integrate a lot of features. First, the app creates flexibility for users when dealing with AirPrint & Fax documents. You can instantly print any document in memory with a nearby printer via AirPrint.

CamScanner Premium Unlocked Mod Apk Download

Next, the application also allows users to edit advanced documents such as creating annotations on documents with full editing tools. In addition, you can also mark your own documents. Quick search is probably a standout feature to handle when you have too many documents. Now, you can save effort when using the card to sort and easily find them. In addition, for those who register, the OCR for Search feature helps you find text within images and notes. Just enter a keyword, you can quickly find the document you want. Does “CamScanner Mod Apk” promote privacy?

CamScanner Licensed Unlocked Mod Apk Download

The answer is yes because when you want to protect confidential content, you can set a password to view relevant documents. Also, while sending the download link, you can set a password to protect it from showing it to others. Finally, the application also allows users to be synchronized on multiple platforms. Sign up to sync documents on the go. When you become a subscriber, you only need to log in to any smartphone, tablet, or computer (visit, and you can view, edit, and share any account. Which material.

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